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Tina's Journey As A Freedompreneur

When Tina's training and development position was eliminated, she, like many others in corporate America, felt uncertain about her future.  She embarked on a journey to explore her professional passion.


In 2012, she discovered The Passion Test.  Created by Janet Attwood, this tool helps women to prioritize their top five passions. Tina took The Passion Test herself, and has gone on to become a certified coach in the proven methodology.


Combining this powerful tool with her experience in training and human resources,  Tina has helped countless women, who are ready to leave their corporate jobs and claim their professional joy.

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From goal setting to visualization, understanding our subconscious, and navigating our way around beliefs that limit us, author and speaker, Tina Kadish, shares strategies and tips that she has found success on her own journey from corporate America to entrepreneur.

In the pages of this book, you’ll read her explanation of F.R.E.E.D.O.M. in depth.  Tina's practical program reveals the secret to living and working with passion.  Cheers to your joy and may you get the FREEDOM that you’re looking for!

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When Tina lost her daughter to cancer on November 2, 2019, her ife changed forever.  Managing the grief of losing a child is the greatest grief one can suffer.

The book will share a mom's painful journey and the process of going from pain to finding peace while creating a legacy and moving on after the loss. As inspiring as it is tragic, this book will encourage you to move forward with your purpose, and to allow your faith to overcome any adversity.  A must read for those seeking support and positive energy.

More Kind Words From Clients

"I worked with Tina to help clarify my business plan as I looked to the next phase of my career. Tina helped me assess where I am, as well as what drives me. Together, we discovered where my passions lie and how I can do more of what I love professionally. Tina asked probing questions, and provided exactly the guidance I needed. I recommend Tina to anyone considering a change in career."

– Lauri I.

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