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Clients are tripped up by this ONE thing when they start a business

You Wouldn’t Expect This From Business But…

Most entrepreneurs don’t realize this when they first get started but the number of things that will trip you up when getting started in business is A LOT.

Most of these can be learned by taking a class or workshop.

Like social media for example. It may have your head twirling around in every direction but you can take a course to learn algorithms, you can grab free stock images on pexels,  free templates on Canva and steal a quote from Google. It may not be high producing but voila, you have a social post.

But money mindset, that’s a whole other ballgame. When my clients come to me they are looking for the strategy that makes their business grow.

Even with a strategy, they used to struggle and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out why.

Then it hit me, they were running the exact same pattern.

I was, they were focused on the business entirely and they were making great strides foundationally but when it came to sales they sucked, and those that broke the barrier to make sales were struggling with what the heck to do with the money only to discover that month after month they had none.

A good money mindset is just as crucial in business as your social media.

Think about it. When you create a post do you actually believe people want what you have?

Do you get excited about selling?

Are you confident, like truly confident that the money is coming?

Sadly, most entrepreneurs don’t realize that mastering their money mindset isn’t optional it’s essential.

Inside my monthly membership, I dish out dozens of money mindset hacks to get you attracting more wealth.

To access my membership click here:

To be honest, it’s not even about attracting it, it’s about calling it in and trusting it’s coming.

As soon as I started to actually believe that making money was easy, it was.

I showed up more frequently.

I was more confident when I did.

I had better connections.

I put out more offers

I closed more deals.

And there it is, one hack from the vault.


How do you do this? It starts with understanding exactly where the money is going to go once you have it.

Perhaps you want to buy a new house. The next time $100 comes in go buy a set of new dishes for your one-day new home or drop $50 into a house savings fund.

Show yourself proof that the money came and you are working towards what you desire.

It’s all about teaching your brain to look for proof that what you want is easy to get.

When you show up for your money it will show up for you.


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