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The One Thing You Didn’t Know about Fear

Choose Your Hard.

YEP! I said choose it.

It can be hard to get out of bed some mornings but is it as hard as we make it out to be?

All you really have to do is roll out of the blanket, let your feet hit the floor and stand up.

So what is hard?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

You make it hard by telling yourself you are too tired, or too lazy today.  You may even make excuses about not wanting to face the day.

The thing is, we make it  hard.  We all know how to get out of bed just like we all know how to say hello.

When women ask me how they can possibly leave their corporate jobs, I tell them it’s easy.

You write a resignation letter, hand it to your boss, wait your two-week period and walk out the door.

Are you thinking I am crazy as you read this?

Chances are that’s a YES!

Because fear is in the driver seat (and hopefully some rational thinking too)

Fear will tell you, you will have no income.

Fear will make you worry about what your family thinks.

Fear will will tell you if you just push through the job you hate, maybe tomorrow it will be better.

Fear will tell you you know nothing about running a business so you shouldn’t.

Fear will tell you all kinds of things that stop you dead in your tracks from doing what you really want to do.

Take a listen here to my latest video on The One Thing You Didn’t Know About Fear.

Let’s pretend for just a moment to look at things differently.

It is scary to leave the known and dive into the unknown BUT, others have done it and they have lived.

It wouldn’t be rational to just leave with no plan.  I get that but it also isn’t rational to intentionally live a life you secretly hate because fear is in the driver’s seat.

I’ve created this amazing step by step process on how to leave your corporate and I want to give it to you FREE.  Grab your copy here.

It’s time to take back control and remember we choose our fear, it’s time to choose to let it go.


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