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Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Fail to Make Money in the 1st year

You may have just left the corporate world to launch a business and if you have, CONGRATULATIONS! This is a huge step to take and it could be very scary while exciting at the same time. I can remember when I did the same thing in 2018.

Have you wondered why some businesses fail to make money in the first year? As a result of not having the right strategy, businesses close because they are not making money.

Does this sound like you? Especially when you just left the corporate world to start a business and discover that you are not making money doing what you love.

My clients want to know how to start a business and these are 3 reasons:

1. They want to make money immediately

2. Unable to spend money on a business coach

3. Don’t have a step-by-step plan

For me, starting a successful business meant I needed support, guidance by hiring a business coach who could support, and guide me. It was scary to hire someone especially if budget was a challenge. What I found was that by working with someone who was an expert, I was able to jumpstart the transition without trying everything on my own. I was not the expert but she was.

She helped me see how having a step-by-step strategy wasn’t only ideal, it was essential. It had such a huge impact on me that I now help women to create business strategies for themselves.

The absolutely amazing thing about it is that all 8 parts of the business strategy help them understand how to close more deals, get more offers on the table, build profitable partnerships AND of course generate $$$.


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