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Why clients who have business strategies close more deals

You have a purpose in changing lives.

Not just your life all lives around you and you know it. Maybe you dream of impacting the immediate circle around you.

Perhaps your city or your state. Or maybe you are like many of my clients and you dream of reaching the masses.

But how?

How do you reach the masses when there is so much noise online?

The answer – you strategically place yourself out there as the go-to expert.

But how do you do this?

It’s simple really.

Ready? YOU. PLAN.

That’s it. You create a plan, you follow it, you adjust as needed and you push forward.

That plan should include how you talk to people not just who you talk to but how you talk to them.

Like right now, I am talking to you with genuine care and concern that you may be missing out on your potential because you aren’t yet sure how to build your dream business.

That plan should include how you show up online.

Everyone else is asking what do I post Tina?

The real question is, HOW do I post?

Do I post to get engagement? Do I post to get likes?

Do I need to focus on sales?

What do you do?

Having a strategy for your business enables you to push forward with the right channels, and no I’m not talking about social media, I am talking about your structure and foundation.

Jamie, a past client came to me and said Tina, I was in heaven my business FINALLY took off, and then it tumbled over and

I’m starting all over again. I asked her what happened and she said the typical…I got overwhelmed bit I hear so often.

Overwhelm comes from lack of planning. You may think its because of something else, but really, that’s what it boils down to. LACK. OF. PLANNING.

You didn’t plan to have no clients, and you are overwhelmed.

You didn’t plan to go to 12 coffee meetings this week while balancing the kids, and you are overwhelmed.

You didn’t plan on the TikTok, Insta, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blog, Website, Podcast, Pinterest accounts everyone told you were essential, and you are overwhelmed.

You didn’t plan on that A-FREAKIN-MAZING side hustle your friend introduced you too on top of your business, husband, after school sports, and the 3 meetings a week that come with it, and you are overwhelmed.

A business strategy helps you adjust your expectations and more importantly creates a checklist for on what to do and how to do it to get the results you want.

I’m sure you’re waiting for that next free course to give you the answers, but let me let you in on a little secret.

That free course is designed to sell you into the real course that gives you the actual tools you need. And then when you do the free course and don’t get it, you will try another one to learn the thing you didn’t get from the first one, and then you will cave and buy the paid version only to discover it’s not what you really needed in the first place.

If you had a business strategy, this could all be avoided because you would know exactly what you need.

And then you’d go do it, be crazy wildly successful, and make butt load of money while helping a butt load of people.

Voila! I’ve answered the big question, why clients who have business plans close more deals, and get more clients.

It’s because they know what they are doing, plain and simple.

Do you have yours yet?


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