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Why New Entrepreneurs Struggle with Making Sales

Why new entrepreneurs struggle with making sales:

Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs start a business and not get out of the park making sales?  For some sales come natural but for most, they rely on strategy.  Sadly 4 out of 5 entrepreneurs go into business without a strategy.  

What happens when you don’t have a strategy is that you are launching a business with no clear vision  because you are winging it instead of having a clear direction.  When you have no direction you go nowhere.  What I have found when I started my business is that I wanted a step-by-step plan on how to start a business.  I was frustrated and overwhelmed because I wanted to get clients and make money and didn’t have the clarity.

As a result of not having the right strategy, businesses close because they are not making money.  Does this sound like you? When you have a vision and a guide all of this is avoided. So my clients want to know how to start a business and these are 3 reasons:

  1. They want to make money immediately How to make money immediately as an entrepreneur 

  2. Unable to spend money on a business coach What to do if you cant afford a business coach

  3. Don’t have the step-by-step plan How to create a step by step business plan 

For me, starting a successful business was hiring a business coach and I will admit giving money to another person was scary because trusting someone with my vision was scary but here is the thing, she was the expert and I wasn’t.  Working with a coach who guided me to start my business and with her, I was able to articulate my value and who my perfect clients were so that as I was showing up at networking events, online and other places I was growing my business, I was able to spot these people. 

She helped me see how having a business strategy wasn’t only ideal, it was also essential. It had such a big impact on me that I now help women to create business strategies for themselves. The absolutely amazing thing about it is that all 8 parts of the business strategy help them understand how to close more deals, get more offers on the table, build profitable partnerships AND of course, have more $$$ in the bank. 

What are the reasons why your business isn’t closing deals, and what’s the strategy you have in place to support this?

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