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You Haven't Let Go

You. Haven’t. Let. Go.

Yep! That’s it. You aren’t able to master your quest for joy because you are too busy holding onto things you don’t really want.

Doing things you don’t want to do.

Seeing people you don't want to see.

Wearing clothes you don’t really want to wear.

Agreeing when you disagree.

Getting along just to get along.

And my least favorite, living status quo so you don’t outshine those around you or make anyone feel even the slightest bit small.


Let me break it down a little more clearly. There are 3 core reasons why you haven’t mastered your quest for joy.

You Think You Need to Know How to Get Started

This is a lie. You don’t need to know how to get started you just need to know that you want it and the how will come. It’s certainly not first nature to trust this but time has proven over and over again that taking any step towards your true desires is the only real way to attain them.

You are Scared

Of course, you are. The act of bringing new things into your life and letting old things go IS scary. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take action and do it though. Just remember, your happiness is on the other end of this.

You Aren’t 100% Certain YOU Deserve It

If this is where you are at let me be the one to tell you, there is no reason for you NOT to deserve this. Sure, you’ve done a shitty thing or two in your life. We all have but that doesn’t mean you are condemned for life. Look at it this way, unhappy people, make other people unhappy and you aren’t writing any wrongs by holding out on happiness, so girl, get yourself happy because you ABSOLUTELY deserve it.


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